*construction clean up & debris removal
*building maintenance
*complete floor care
*window cleaning
*specialized office cleaning
*medical office cleaning (HIPPA)


*routine inspections of grounds
*specialized ground care
*shrub and bed care
*turf care (mowing, edging, fertilization,  weed & insect, aerification & overseeding)
*winter weather care


*HVAC maintenance
*Electrical maintenance
*Plumbing maintenance
*General maintenance

All of our services begin with a consultation to truly understand the needs of the potential client by one of our Client Triage Staff.  The client is not left alone to determine which of the array of services we provide will best suit their need. Our Client Triage Staff specializes in linking the client's needs with the best services to fulfill those needs. Once a decision has been made upon the agreed services, clients are then assigned to a J.A. Farrington Industries Care Giver. The Care Giver is your point of contact for all of your needs. Whatever need or question arises, your Care Giver is a phone call and/or email away from your desired solution. If it is custodial in nature, we do not expect you to leave your office and track down a custodial engineer or if it pertains to the landscaping outside your corner office window, you do not have to stop working to locate a grounds technician or pesticide applicator to address it. Simply pick up your phone and call your Care Giver​ and continue with your work knowing that your need has been duly noted and expect a written (email) address/response within 24 hours​.

All of our licensed professionals are supervised by experienced Care Givers and all of our Care Givers are supervised by highly trained Quality Assurance Managers. Our goal isn't to complete a job. It's to meet our clients' needs!

Commercial Services

...since 1993

​...since 1993