​...since 1993

​...since 1993


“Farrington Industries's services were a dream come true. Not only are their prices very reasonable, but the service is always efficient and thorough. I originally hired them for their grounds maintenance. I've since hired them on as my offices cleaning staff, as well.”

-Columbia, South Carolina

“I certainly can't find the extra hours in a day to keep check on the air conditioning units, regularly change their filters and light bulbs throughout the building, replace paper towels in the restrooms and continue to run an efficient business. Nor, do I have time to monitor a multitude of companies to ensure they do it for me! J.A. Farrington Industries's services, put simply, makes my life a lot less complicated. For three years now, I have contracted them to provide their "No Worries Total Care Service" and they couldn't have chosen a more suitable name for it. When you're strapped for time, this affordable, efficient service makes cleaning and unstopping a toilet the last things on your mind.”

-Ft. Washington, Maryland


Office buildings get dirty. Curb appeal is a significant concern of all businesses. BOTH are facts of life. That does not mean you have to resign yourself to working in a setting that is less than the cleanest imaginable! It also doesn't mean you have to settle for dealing with small, understaffed or too large and impersonal companies to fulfill your needs. Your building needs a company who can manage all of its needs; inside and out. 

At J.A. Farrington Industries, Inc, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with an immaculate and environmentally safe work place. We understand it's not only important to being productive and healthy, but it's also more attractive and aesthetically pleasing. No one likes heaps of mess lying about and no one likes unkept grounds as they approach a business. We are uniquely qualified to handle all of your businesses maintenance needs. Regardless of what region of the United States your business is located, we are capable of meeting your commercial maintenance needs.  Since 1993, we have provided high quality, commercial custodial services and grounds & facilities maintenance services for a host of clients. ranging from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, United States Army Corps of Engineers, regionally and nationally based child care facilities, public, private & charter schools, federal, state and local government office buildings, courthouses and public works buildings to the current home of the Durham Bulls (MLB's Tampa Bay Rays AAA affiliate) made famous in the movie Bull Durham and its 10,000 person capacity, Durham Bulls Athletic Park located in Durham, North Carolina.   

J.A. Farrington Industries, Inc specializes in meeting the needs of our clients. We offer a host of individual services provided by our licensed electricians, plumbers and fully certified pesticide applicators and licensed horticulturists as well as a combination of services that we utilize to ensure you never have to change a light bulb, shovel snow from your sidewalk, leave work to purchase restroom hand soap or mop up break room coffee spills again. Click the SERVICES tab on this website to read a brief overview of our services then, click the CONTACT US tab so that we may answer any questions you still have regarding which of our services will make your life the easiest.

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J.A. Farrington Industries, Inc


...since 1993